Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lokoya Territory

The Lokoya inhabit the Eastern area of Juba, 80 km in width and 104 km in length on the Juba-Torit road. They occupy an area of about 8320 km2. To the west they share a common border with the Bari and to the East with the Lotuho. The Lokoro live to the North of the Lokoya while the Achoil are the neighbours to the South.

  • Lokoya West has five villages: Liria, Langabu, Ngangala, Ngulere and Ilyangari.
  • Lokoya East has the following villages: Lobuhi, Pura, Losok, Lohira, Lohilo, Ohwa, Hojobi, Oyata, Langairo and Ofiriha.

In all, the Lokoya territory is currently composed of more than thirteen villages corresponding to a similar number of clans and over a score of camps. These villages are bordered as follows:

Lowoi, Langairo and Ofiriha border the Lotuho of Lowudo, Lohiri and the Acholi at Agoro respectively. Langabu borders Lomega and Ngulere with Oryema forest of Lulubo. On the othe hand, Ilyangari borders Bariland at Cahe forest towards Pandingilo animal park and Ngangala at Kachuba. Liria has its border limits at Ohula and the Lohila stream at Khor English.

Map: Courtesy Maplinks